Choose from either our phone seminars or best plays from our menu. Your choice of our experts is at your fingertips every racing day.

Our phone seminars offer a lengthy analysis of opinions and commentary on the entire card. You'll hear in detail which races to play, which races to pass, which races offer a solid wagering proposition and which ones don't, plus all the exotics our experts like that day. Be prepared to take notes (or tape record the call).

Our best plays isolate just the "cream of the crop" in concise fashion for those that prefer spot plays and don't care to listen to the full-card seminar. From two to four plays per menu choice.

(800) 326-8477 (tips) TOLL-FREE, totally secure, automated access line for both pin code users and for Visa/MasterCard users. No operator intervention. If using your credit card, have the card number, expiration date, and the zip code of your billing address handy to enter on our system. Authorization takes about 30 seconds.
(800) 347-8477 (tips)
(Customer Service)
TOLL-FREE for customer service or to sign up for pre-paid discounts of 6, 10, 20 or 50 calls in advance. Speak to Bob Selvin personally.

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