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August 09, 2020

BOOM! BEST PLAY (5th) TRIFECTA scores for $6,225.55 / $260 investment on Sunday, June 14. Key horses were favorite ABSOLUTE UNIT and 46/1 / $94 longshot TRIPOLI. In addition, TRIPOLI and ABSOLUTE UNIT teamed for a $243.20 exacta payoff / $12 investment. See complete details at How Bob Did in Recent Past Days. (Be sure to scroll down).

PICK 3, PICK 4 comes alive. I don't suggest Pick bets rampantly or that often or just to say I've had them. Instead, I'm more a pick 'n chooser. For Sat., 06/13/20 ...I picked out one Pick 3 sequence (races 5-6-7) and one Pick 4 (late) sequence (races 6-7-8-9)....returns were $372 / $96 wager and $629.60 / $152 return $1,001.60 / $248 wager. Neither a big score, but nice to profit on both of them.

XLNT results on last Sunday's card with FOUR exactas out of seven races played plus BEST PLAY trifecta (7th) that returned $704 on a $132 investment. Exacta payoffs were $27.40; $27.60; $47.80; and $25.80.

Win or lose you can monitor how I'm doing results wise by clicking on How I Did in Recent Past Days. Scroll down when you get there.

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