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Bob Hits Four Exactas Out of Six Exacta Races on Mon. ,Topper $93.80 Payoff ($2)
Bob Hits Four Exactas Out of Six Exacta Races on Mon., Topper $93.80 Payoff ($2)
October 16, 2019
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Dear Bob, Once again Andy did it! I did have Izarra in a Pick 4 but because of Steve Knapp's I CAN SEE I got knocked out and had 3 out of 4. Big darn. Having been a dedicated user of Andy's reports I recommend it to EVERYONE and tell them it is worth every penny. Thanks.
Christopher A., Torrance, CA
I just wanted to compliment your service. I can't play the thoroughbreds as much as I would like due to my busy Los Alamitos schedule. But your clocker, Andy Harrington, is terrific. He is every bit as good as advertised. I love the precise details he offers in regards to who is aboard the horses. As one who watches quarter horse work tapes quite close, I can really appreciate the work Andy does. And he has such a difficult task with the number of horses which work every morning.

Ed Burgart (Los Al announcer / linemaker)... ( more )
Ed Burgart, Los Alamitos track announcer
I have been a user for many years now, and I must tell you that I love your service, especially the way you describe the races and the horses. You are easy to understand and you pinpoint selections without beating around the so-called bush.... ( more )
A. Linderman, Anaheim, CA
Saturday's Breeder's Cup seminar was once again a perfect example of the extreme knowledge that both you and Jeff have. When the day was over I went home with $73,000 profit!
... ( more )
Tom K, Temecula, CA
I hit the Pick 4 ($12,000+), using Izarra ($38.20) as a single! Thanks to Andy Harrington and... McAnally told my friend, before the race, that it was one of the best horses in his barn. Look for future races.
Sincerely, Steve L., Fullerton, CA
I just figured its time to let you know how great your workout report is
I have been a full time member of your report for three years. So many good days because of Andy's fantastic work in the AM.... ( more )
C Rowe, San Diego, CA
I would like to thank National Turf for helping me have a great year. Thank you Bob Selvin for having one of the greatest streaks I have ever seen. I nearly profited another $10,000 with your longshot trifecta and Pick Three plays.... ( more )
William Sakaki, Los Angeles, CA
It's long overdue that I sat down to express my thanks to you and all of your marvelous handicappers. Years back I almost put my son through college using your analysis. Your experts are true experts who do not hide behind some ficticious name.... ( more )
Scott T., Orange, CA
As a frustrated and abused horse player, I was at first leery of another service making phony claims. You see, I've tried them all off and on for over five years. It was always been the same, lots of promises that don't deliver and harassment as a bonus. Yours does and no harassment.... ( more )
Gus Dracopoulos, Irving, TX
Bob….The info on the workout sheets has been sensational….This DEL Mar meet was the best ever…The best meet I ever had in 30 years betting racetracks in California. That’s how GOOD Andy is…I remember when he first started….WOW how time flies….He's the best!

... ( more )
Richie F, Laguna Beach
I just wanted to take time from my schedule to say a well deserve Thank You to Andy Harrington and staff for a terrific Del Mar 2014 meet. Andy and his staff were spot on during the summer with horses ready to go but more importantly horses that were badly over bet coming into their race off a poor workout over the Del Mar Polytrack. Anytime someone ask me about handicapping I always referred to National Turf’s workout report as one of my sources to help me handicap the races and it was my final decision maker in my all wagering decisions this summer. I look forward continuing my long relationship with National Turf in the future.

... ( more )
Chris A, South Bay
I have been a client of National Turf since 2001 and I am extremely satisfied with their service. The cost is reasonable, it is easy to get the selections, and the selections are very profitable over the long run.
Mike K, Highland Park, IL
I have been using your service for two weeks and it has been the most profitable two weeks of my life. I knew your service was different when I learned anyone could check results of your handicappers' selections the following day. No one would offer this feature if they weren't successful.... ( more )
Randy Berry, Bakersfield, CA
I just wanted to take the time out of my busy day to send a note of thanks. This is convenient for me since I love to play the races but don't really have time to put into it that it takes to be a winner....... ( more )
Frank Muska, Johnson City, NY
Bob, you are unbelievable. Once again you hit one out of the p-a-r-k . . . $140 winner (Comeandcatchme)! I had $10 exactas which paid $6,057. Great job, thanks again. It's why I've been a user for so many years.
... ( more )
Neal W, Chatsworth, CA
Dear Bob Selvin and National Turf Staff:
I am writing this to express my appreciation. I've been a regular caller to National Turf for years now. I have CONSISTENTLY made profits, often HUGE PROFITS, using your phone seminars... ( more )
Martin Wallace, Fullerton, CA
Not too long ago, you raised the prices for the National Turf workout report. I was actually glad you did hoping that it would prevent some players for using it or renewing. I marvel at the job Andy does. ... ( more )
L. Field, Los Angeles, CA
Since Andy Harrington was hired as your clocker his workout sheets have become part of my right arm. He is sharp, precise and tells you when the horses are ready to run. The best part of the report is he tells you the horses that cannot run. Andy has and is doing a superlative job, he is the best clocker there is.
Rich F. , Aliso Viejo, CA
Carmen C., Gibbstown, NJ
Hi Bob, just wanted to say thank you to you for staying the course for the last 30 some years. Your handicapping is as fresh and passionate as if it were the summer of 1984. Simply you guys are the best. I tried all the rest (too long a list of also rans) the last three decades. And so National Turf is the only resource a horseplayer needs today and the next thirty years.
... ( more )
Michael P, Alhambra, CA
Just a note to say thanks for the last five years. It sure makes racing come alive. I have used your service regularly and have done VERY well.... ( more )
Gordon Nichol, Wayne, PA
Dear Bob,
I have used your service for about six years or so. During which time you have made me look like a great handicapper more times than I can remember.... ( more )
Bob M., Solana Beach, CA
Being a horse player for over 20 years, I was a little skeptical at first. But during the last 6 months, and only going about twice a week, I have had 1 signers or tickets that paid over $600.00 on very small investments. Needless to say I have had the most profitable six months gambling of my life.... ( more )
Ron Spurlock, Phoenix, AZ
Dear Bob,
You are indeed a genius! The longshots you picked lead me to tremendous profits using your horses for the exactas, quinellas, and daily doubles, let alone the win plays.... ( more )
J. Cavey, Littleton, CO
I have been calling yours and Jeff's plays for many years. I have lost count but I am sure it is somewhere between 5 and 10 years. I am very pleased with your information and presentation. I find that each have their own individual strengths and the combination has proven to be deadly accurate.... ( more )
Richard Herro, Las Vegas, NV
Andy, in my opinion, is the best clocker in Southern California.
Gus D., Irving, TX
Hi Bob - I have been a client of yours for several years. I like the service and it has been profitable for me. If I have any problems, or questions I call the office and they straighten things out. You take good care of your clients with great customer service.... ( more )
B Coughlin, Sioux City, IA
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