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August 05, 2021

Bob's Fair Odds Analysis can be purchased individually for $9.95 per card or buy 15 credits...use on the days of your choice...for $129 and save yourself $20.00 ! If you have any questions, please call Bob at (800) 347-8477.

SATURDAY, JULY 31. I passed one of the races. There were 10 races.(1st) Shaded exacta 2-3 paid $10.40. (3rd) Co-top MACKINNON paid $8.40 to win and covered the $44.00 exacta. (4th) CALIFORNIAKOOK paid $6.60 with the 7-2 exacta returning $29.00.

SATURDAY, MAY. 22. GOOD CASHING DAY. (1st) 5-1 exacta paid $20.40 on four combos; (2nd) As Time Goes By paid $2.80 as a no brainer; (3rd) would have really made the day, but big troubled (shaded) Bleu Ballon lost the photo to catch the win bet and exacta. Just missed ugh. (4th) Octopus paid $3.60 with the 4-2 exacta returning $11.00 on one combo after scratches; (BEST PLAY) (5th) GET ON THE BUS paid $18.60 plus the 4-6 exacta paying $54; (7th) 6-3 exacta paid $15.40; (8th) Shaded firster co-top Catbernay paid $6.20. Feel free to check in How I Did in Recent Days (on leftside).

SATURDAY, JULY 30. I PASSED two of the eight races. Six to go. (1st) Shaded co-top WARRENS CANDY GIRL paid $7.00; (2nd) BEST PLAY single MELTING SNOW paid $4.40 with accompanied $15.40 exacta pay; (4th) 5 / 2 exacta combo paid $20.00 but I included it for extra tickets on those two numbers; (5th) Co-top LENA'S BIG DAY paid $4.80 with the $13.00 10- 6 exacta tying up things. Decent results.

FRIDAY, JULY 16. 0pening day at DMR on a tough card. I passed two races out of the ten and played the eight. I didn't play any horizontal races, either. (3rd) Shaded Going to Vegas paid an underlay $3.40; (6th) Co-top Sea to Success paid $9.40; (7th) Shaded Little Juanito paid $6.00 (Eddie Haskell scratched); (8th) BEST PLAY longshot TEAM MERCHANTS paid a WHOPPING $38.60; (10th) Exacta paid $63.80 coming out of a three-way box.
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