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Bob Hits Four Exactas Out of Six Exacta Races on Mon. ,Topper $93.80 Payoff ($2)
Bob Hits Four Exactas Out of Six Exacta Races on Mon., Topper $93.80 Payoff ($2)
October 16, 2019

Phone Seminars and Best Plays

Phone Seminars/Best Plays....

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Since 1989, every racing day in Southern California National Turf has offered full-card seminars or just best plays available by telephone from our roster of all-star experts.

The seminars are the "next best thing to an in-person seminar"...usually about 20 minutes as the handicapper of your choice analyzes and discusses the card in detail with races to play, races to pass and all the exotics. Best Plays are just that, the "cream of the crop", for that day, at least two or more plays per menu choice.

The seminars and best plays are available by calling toll-free at 800-326-8477 and charging the cost on Visa or MasterCard on our automated system.

There are pre-paid discount packages available as well. Users can purchase 6, 10, 20 or 50 calls in advance by check, money order or credit card and are assigned their own, private PIN code for quick, automatic access. There are hundreds and hundreds of National Turf regular users all over the country that currently have their own PIN code and take advantage of these popular pre-paid discounts.

With the implementation of full card simulcasting in California a reality, the seminars and best plays usually will be available after 9 a.m. (Pacific time) so users can get an early start if they are going to be playing the eastern tracks as well.

Even though most of the handicappers concentrate on Southern California, James Quinn, one of the most respected and prolific authors of handicapping books in the country and Santa Anita and Del Mar's director of fan education, will now be on the line EVERY DAY offering a full-card seminar for both the Southern California track that is open AND an eastern track (Gulfstream during Santa Anita). Michael Nunamaker will be adding his best plays from whichever big eastern simulcast track is sending its signal to California, as well, making his $12.95 full-card seminar a TREMENDOUS bargain. And Jeff Siegel will be offering them, too, as part of his tandem seminar and best plays with partner Bob Selvin.

National Turf also offers a unique, FREE REPLAY preceded by summarized highlights where anyone with a phone can monitor how the handicappers are doing and exactly how they present the information after the fact, win or lose, good or bad. The summarized highlights and FREE replays are available after 6:30 p.m. (Pacific) by calling 310-234-0100 and punching menu item #4.

As we always say, "other services can claim whatever they want, we simply let you be the judge". Follow the links below to find out more about our Phone Seminars and Best Plays!

What separates National Turf from all the rest?

The answer is trust and confidence: We simply let you be the judge...

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